Anja Opdal is the innovation lead strategist, and co-creator of the concept of Success in Self-Leadership. With her expertise, she is responsible for shaping and continuously developing this transformative program, including all its offerings.

Additionally, Anja facilitates the smooth execution of the program by providing invaluable guidance and support. Her role is instrumental in ensuring the program’s success and achieving its objectives.

Success in Self-Leadership (SIS) is conceptualized and operated by Evoking Excellence  founded in 2012 by Bibi Ohlsson, Evoking Excellence specializes in creating and delivering innovative human capacity-building programs on the pillars of Positive Psychology.

Innovation Lead Strategist & Co-Creator

Anja Opdal Success in Self-Leadership

Anja W Opdal

Innsbruck, tirol, Austria
bergen, Norway

Accountability Partner

MSc Economics 2023
Major: Business Analysis and Performance Management
Minor: Strategy and Management

Anja captivates people with her solution-focused, creative and curious mindset, optimism, self-awareness, self-leadership, and grit capacity.

"I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to invest in oneself holistically. As someone who recently has completed a graduate degree and experienced the rigors of academic life firsthand, I can confidently say that taking care of your mental and physical well-being is crucial for achieving your goals. Academic demands and extracurricular activities make it easy to feel overwhelmed, consumed, and imbalanced. However, by prioritizing focus and balance and investing in myself, I was able to excel academically and personally. In light of this, I have co-created SiS, a program that aims to bring out the best in students by promoting healthy strength-based self-leadership. The program is designed to help you confidently and resiliently pursue your personal and academic goals." ~ Anja

With her Success in Self-Leadership concept, Anja facilitates a program to help others put plans into action and dreams into reality.

As someone who has traveled and experienced different cultures since a young age, Anja is a multifaceted individual and an expert at healthy time management; she loves the challenge of finding new ways to reach success while staying true to her values.

When partnering up with Anja for accountability purposes, you can be sure you’ll have someone on your side who exudes realistic optimism, knows how to inspire and help you work from your strengths, and can tell you when you're messing up. And who can help you get back on track.

Stop procrastinating. Start doing. Experience the power of self-leadership and strength-based accountability.