UNSTUCK Accelerator:
Harness Your Strengths, Build Anti-Procrastination Habits

A 21-day structured path for building upon key concepts:

Self-Knowledge as the Foundation:

The program guides you towards deep self-knowledge about your strengths, limiting beliefs, triggers, and how procrastination manifests for you.

From Insight to Action:

You don’t just analyze; you are taught to apply practical tools, reframe your mindset, and utilize your strengths to create lasting change.

Resilience as Key to Sustaining Change:

Understanding setbacks is part of the process, and developing resilience to keep moving forward is of significant emphasis.

Program Description

The UNSTUCK ACCELERATOR program is designed to guide you through a structured path toward overcoming procrastination. 

It all starts with self-knowledge, where you’ll discover your strengths, limitations, triggers, and how procrastination manifests for you. 

From there, you’ll learn practical tools to turn insight into action, reframe your mindset, and make lasting changes. 

Resilience is a critical element of the program, as setbacks are a natural part of the process. 

By understanding the psychology of habits and developing a positive mindset, you can sustain your progress and celebrate your wins along the way.

Week 1:  Recognizing the Procrastination Paradox

Identify the patterns of your procrastination and the imbalances that contribute to them. Start by taking the Character Strengths Survey and explore how your strengths can help you achieve your desired outcomes. This will allow you to identify and challenge limiting assumptions that hinder your progress.


Take ownership of your procrastination habits and be accountable for them.

Strength-Based Approach:

Leverage your character strengths to overcome challenges. During week 1, you will explore how you can use your unique strengths to tackle obstacles that come your way.

Week 2: From Insight to Action: Procrastination-Proof Habits

This week, turn your insights into a plan of action – challenge perfectionism, break down procrastination triggers, and practice reframing setbacks as opportunities for growth.


Take a deeper look at your procrastination patterns and triggers (self-sabotage). Emphasize building a personalized toolkit using strengths-based accountability.

Challenging Negative Thought Patterns:

Perfectionism can be paralyzing; focus on progress toward your desired outcome instead of flawless execution.

Understanding the Procrastination Cycle:

Learn the psychology of habits and how they contribute to procrastination.

Resilience as a Skill:

Learn the core concepts of resilience: reframing setbacks, celebrating progress, and seeking support when needed.

Week 3:  Sustaining Mastery: Strategies for Lasting Change

This week, turn awareness into action – understand the emotions that fuel procrastination, harness your inner motivation, and conquer setbacks with a powerful resilience mindset.

Emotional Awareness:

Identify the specific emotions driving your procrastination tendencies.

Internal Motivation:

Visualize positive emotions and intrinsic rewards and connect with the deeper “why” behind your goals.

Resilience as a Skill (Deep Dive):

Provides tools and strategies for strengthening the resilience mindset in the face of procrastination triggers.

Celebrating Progress:

The concept of “unstuck” is explored as a continuous journey, and students learn to acknowledge and celebrate their wins.


What Are You Waiting For?

Remember, procrastination is a habit that can be overcome with self-awareness, self-leadership, and the use of your unique strengths. 

With the right mindset and tools, you can achieve your desired outcomes  and live a flourishing life. 

UNSTUCK Accelerator

Harness Your Strengths, Build Anti-Procrastination Habits​
53/21-day program
  • Students & Young Professionals
  • The program is designed for 21 days,
    and you will have access to it for 28 days.
  • Schedule a chat with the
    program facilitator for the second week.

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